cali coast egypt

cali coast egypt

cali coast egypt

cali coast egypt
Kilo 199
150,000 M2 water futures
230 Acres
Beach area 30 Acres
Beach front 600M
Fully finished
8 levels from sea to 43M
Foot print 13%
Depth el project 1.7K
El sherka el 3amla el masterplan AE7
Mn el tare2 lel gate almost 400M-500M
Awel 5 levels sea view
Cabains 3al bahr
Awel mastba a3la mel bahr 6.5M
El mastvba el 7 first floor mel chalets sea view

cali coast egypt also has: 

Hotel + service apartments
Game3 + m7tet maya
Board walk ( mamar khashby fo2 el maya fel
Commercial area
+ Fun islnd gwa el maya
+ fitness area
Lazy area fe nos el projects feh club house
+ club house 3al bahr
+ sea cabains
+ ladies beach
+ flow rider

Types cali coast north coast
Villa type A land 560M BUA 369M double highiet

Villa type B land 448M BUA 321M

Villa type C land 448M BUa 330M

Villa type D land 360M BUA 212M

Twin 2nd row one floor
Twin land 240M BUA 210M
Kul el units de sea view from the ground

Town msh shayf el bahr
217M land BUa 160M

Chalets 4 types
Fe buldings 4 units w fe 2 units
Type 1 3bed 126M – 139M
El aktr 135M

Chalets 2bed 95-105M 2 bathrooms

Chalets 1bed 70M – (140M lw be roof terace)

Chalets 4bed fe kter menha 3la 2 floors w mo3zmhom sea view

Kul chalets fe menha 2 types el type el tani byb2a + 1 room

EOI’s 20,000 – 50,000
2 payments
5% – 5% on 9y
5% – on 8Y
Equal installments
Maintenance 10% abl delivery be sana aw tet2st 3la 3 snen

cali coast egypt pricing

Average starting prices
Villas type A1st row 23,000,000 avergae
Villas type B 8,000,000 average
Villas type D 6,700,000 – 7,500,000
Single floor twin 2nd floor sea view 12,000,000 averageTwinhouse 5,500,000 – 6,500,000
Townhouese 3,100,000- 3,500,000
4Bed 3,100,000- 3,600,000
3Bed 2,3500,000 – 2,600,000
3Bed ground 2,850,000 – 3,300,000
2Bed 1,650,000- 1,950,000
2Bed ground 1,650,000-2,200,000
1Bed 1,350,000-1,6
1Bed ground 1,500,000 – 1,650,000

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