karmell sodic

Karmell Sodic

Karmell Sodic

karmell sodic is dsigned to be a small town with an easy, outgoing & elegant feel. The homes are inspired by the Californian architecture with modern character. innovative homes that will cater for ever-growing families. Surrounded by lush beautiful greenery and distinctive architecture Karmell is the place to be.

Book an apartment, duplex, or separate villa with areas starting from 80 meters.


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    About the project karmell sodic :-


    It is a perfect moment for us to announce to you a new project. This perfect project is called Karmell Sodic. Karmell Sodic project is established in a leading place in new Zayed. Clients will live in a distinguished place where they will find a mall, restaurants, and all services in it. Karmell Sodic is a place where you will find everything you want around you. This project includes stand-alone villas, duplex’s buildings, concept duplex, apartments and upper duplex.

    Design House:-

    This new project is designed by a great company which is called Sodic. It is one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt. This company knows well that with hard work and attention to detail we can successfully meet the clients’ needs and aspirations. The goal of Sodic is to transform the way people live and work by providing well-planned and innovative developments. Sodic strives to develop projects that are suitable for clients.

    Location karmaell sodic :-

    The Project is existed on 6 October and in Sheikh Zayed City. This project is like a Californian town because New Zayed is a place where living is carefree.  You will enjoy every moment of your life because life in Karmell Sodic is so beautiful and interesting. The place where this project is established is full of merits as it is surrounded by nature, shops, and all services places.

    Sodic projects:-

    Sodic is well-known Real Estate Company. It has a good reputation in the Egyptian market. Sodic knows what the clients want and urgently carry out what they want. It established many famous projects such as Eastown, Allegria, Westown, Vye, Caesar and etc.

    Karmell Sodic brings a new kind of mixed-use development to the new Zayed. A home where you can live, learn, work, shop and relax, while connecting all its facilities so that you can enjoy walking, cycling or jogging as part of your daily activities.

    Prices karmel new zayed  start from 2.7 m



    APARTMENTS   & Villas& Penthouse RANGING FROM  180 SQM UP TO 270 SUM


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      Karmell Sodic

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